Two staples within the Springfield Armory handgun line-up are their micro-compact Hellcat for everyday carry (EDC) as well as their full-frame XD-M (Xtreme Duty Match). While they can be likened to each like a big-little brother relationship, if you were ever in the market for a threaded barrel for either of them, you had to go swimming in the aftermarket parts world to hopefully find one with a good fitment. Now, Springfield Armory is offering XD-M threaded barrels for their 4.5″ models and Hellcat threaded barrels for their standard 3″ offering.

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Hellcat threaded barrels

If you have any of the cartridge offerings in a 4.5″ XD-M pistol and have been wanting a threaded barrel, you are in luck. Springfield Armory is now selling threaded barrels for their 9mm, 10mm, and .45 ACP XD-M handguns. Also, for any concealed carry advocates toting the standard 3″ Hellcat, they have you covered there as well. The MSRP pricing and webstore links for those barrels are listed below:

New from Springfield Armory® are OEM drop-in barrel upgrades for the ever-popular Hellcat® 9mm and XD-M® 4.5” striker-fired handguns.

Designed for factory fitment, the 9mm, 10mm and .45 ACP threaded barrels for the XD-M 4.5″ model are hammer forged and finished in Melonite® for unmatched durability. A thread protector is included for when a muzzle device is not present.

Also available is a 3.8″ threaded barrel and compensator kit for Hellcat 3″ Micro-Compact handguns. The barrel comes packaged with a Self-Indexing Compensator that reduces felt recoil for faster follow up shots.

If Hellcat threaded barrels have been on your wish list (or XD-M threaded barrels) you can now rejoice. Matching up like manufacturer parts always provides the best fit, won’t void your warranty, and typically gives the best results. Hopefully, soon we’ll have reviews on these Hellcat threaded barrels and the ones for the XD-M 10mm on our sister site of As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

hellcat threaded barrels

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