MATBOCK has introduced the Raider Line waterproof low-profile pouch system engineered to seamlessly integrate with your plate carrier. Say farewell to the hassle of waterlogged gear and the irritation of sand infiltrating your essentials. The Raider pouches create an impenetrable barrier, guaranteeing that your crucial equipment stays pristine even in the most extreme conditions.

New MATBOCK Raider Line

“Innovation takes center stage as the Raider Line allows for swift and efficient access. With a single, fluid motion, operators can unzip the pouches, granting them unfettered access to their gear. What once took an eternity can now be accomplished in a fraction of the time – a true revolution in tactical efficiency.” -MATBOCK

MATBOCK claims a  60% reduction in time when comparing the Raider Line to traditional waterproof solutions. This could represent a leap into the future of tactical gear management. It will be interesting to see what exactly these bags bring to the table and what the advantages are over traditional drybags besides the perceived time advantage.

Here is a self-produced video from MATBOCK displaying the time advantage of their system. Below are a few images taken by yours truly of Over the Beach operations. Having been around this kind of operation in person, I can see the advantage of being able to transition from swimming to fighting quickly.


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