Military Armament Corporation introduces the MAC 1911-9 DS.

The Military Armament Corporation of today, or MAC, is a Knoxville, TN-based operation currently offering a selection of shotguns, handguns, and two models of MP5 clones, as well as a handful of other related products. This is differentiated from the same-named 1970s manufacturer of MAC-10 and MAC-11 machine pistols, which has been defunct since 1975. Current-day MAC came out with a 1911 model called the JSOC 45 last year, a full-size tribute to 1911s carried by warfighters during operations such as Just Cause, Gothic Serpent, Urgent Fury, and more. Now they’ve announced a second 1911 variant joining their product lineup. Check out the details on the 9mm MAC 1911-9 DS in the press release copied below.

Military Armament Corporation @ TFB:

MAC has teased their new 9mm 1911 on social media, with more to come soon in conjunction with SHOT Show 2024.

Military Armament Corporation Introduces the MAC 9 DS

Knoxville, TN – Military Armament Corp (MAC) is pleased to introduce the MAC 1911-9 DS. This newest 1911 offering from MAC designed in Knoxville, TN and is built to exacting standards by Tisas. Built for any mission, the MAC 1911-9 DS features a factory RMR pattern optic cut on the slide and M1913 light rail on the frame. It also features a polymer grip module with a subtle yet firm grip texture. Chambered in 9mm, the MAC 1911-9 DS utilizes a 4.25” bull barrel, that is QPQ Tenifer finished with an 11-degree target crown to keep recoil at a minimum and maximize accuracy.

In addition, the MAC 1911-9 DS features:

·4140 Hammer forged Steel Tenifer QPQ Coated slide

·4140 Hammer Forged Steel Black Cerakote Frame and Barrel

·Skeleton Hammer

·Skeleton Trigger with Overtravel adjustment and 4.75 lbs +/- .25 lbs Trigger Weight

·Competition Removable Aluminum Magwell – Black Cerekote

·Fiber Optic Front Site and Black Serrated Rear Sight

·Two Checkmate 17 round Magazines

·RMR and 407c Optic Plate


·Caliber: 9mm

·Barrel: 4.25” Bull Barrel with 11 Degree Target Crown

·Barrel Twist Rate: 1:10 RH – Button Rifled

·OA length 7.9 inches

·Weight 30 oz (empty)

·Action Type: Single Action

·Firing System: Hammer Fired

·Capacity 17 Rounds

·Safety: Manual Thumb safety and Magazine safety

·MSRP: $1,099.99

The MAC DS Series pistols come standard with two magazines, cleaning kit, cable lock, and premium lockable hard case.

About Military Armament Corporation:

Military Armament Corporation traces its roots to the era of the resurgence of American resolve, when we once stood between the massed divisions of the Soviets and our allies in western Europe, hunted drug cartel kingpins in South America, and being called a communist was the greatest insult imaginable. Many of our products pay homage to the weapons carried by small groups of men tasked with carrying out new missions in units forged from the hard learned lessons of the previous decades. Missions like ‘counter terrorism’, ‘Direct-Action’, and ‘Counter Narcotics’. While we take our inspiration from the days of caterpillar moustaches, Thomas Magnum and Sonny Crockett, our contemporary products represent the cutting edge of technology in design and manufacturing for government and commercial clients. For more information about Military Armament Corporation or to see the entire line of products visit

The 1911-9 DS measures 7.9" long, 5.77" tall, and weighs 30 ounces unloaded.

Where MAC’s initial 1911 offering holds more with the traditions of the model, eschewing most modernized modifications to John Moses Browning’s classic design, this new variant embraces today’s 1911 trends. The inclusion of features like an optics-ready cut slide and under-barrel Picatinny rail tend to read a bit more 21st century than 20th, so the MAC handgun family is coming to offer options for multiple purposes.

What do you think of this 9mm 1911, readers? At an MSRP of $1099.99, do you like what the 9 DS brings to the table? Do you think it will be good value for money, or not, and why? Do you have any experience with MAC’s prior handgun offering, and how do you like that one? Do you think you’ll purchase this new one? Let us know in the comments! See you at the range.

Images courtesy of Military Armament Corporation

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