Modular Driven Technologies, also known as MDT, is a major producer of rifle chassis systems. They also produce magazines for those rifles. The newest addition to their magazine lineup is a 10-round magazine for the Howa Mini Action series.

Howa @ TFB:

MDT Releases 10-round Magazine For Howa Mini Action

Most bolt action rifles use AICS magazines these days. However, that mag pattern is only an option for standard action lengths. Many companies support that style of magazine and all sorts of options are available. Less-common magazine styles often have less support. Howa’s unique Mini-action is not an industry standard. Until now, spare magazine options were limited.

MDT’s new 10-round model is compatible with both the standard Howa stock and MDT chassis systems. The magazine has a metal top half and a polymer lower, which disassembles for cleaning. Three calibers are available: 6.5 Grendel, .223 Remington, and 7.62×39. Perhaps an additional model will be added in the future for the 6mm ARC Mini Action. The retail price is $119.95. All three calibers are in stock as of the time of writing through the MDT website here.

MDT Releases 10-round Magazine For Howa Mini Action

From the manufacturer:

Howa Mini 10-round magazines that feed reliably from your factory stock. They’re available for all 3 Howa Mini calibers, .223, 7.62×39, and 6.5 Grendel. They will also feed from any MDT chassis and most other aftermarket stocks or chassis. Constructed with an aluminum upper with a polymer lower, these magazines are durable and will feed dependably.



Glass filled nylon polyer body

Anodized aluminum feedlips


10 Round


223 – 2.375″

6.5 Grendel – 2.360″

7.62×39 – 2.375″


0.35 Lbs


Howa Mini


DSSF – Double Stacked Single Feed

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