Lately, there has been a slew of aftermarket support for the SCAR 17S platform. I have documented some of Imperial Arms Co.’s Cypher X and accessories. Well, now there is something new for the SCAR 17S by Lingle Industries. They have a SCAR 17S caliber conversion kit that will allow you to change to mini-acton calibers like .223.

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SCAR 17S Caliber Conversion

Lingle Industries’s SCAR 17S caliber conversion seems straightforward. It is their lower and extended firing pin. You will need a SCAR 16S barrel assembly or you can buy a barrel from Deadshot Barrels. You will need a SCAR16S gas block. By doing so you can have a SCAR 17S caliber conversion in .300 BLK, 6.5 Grendel or 7.62×39!

SCAR 17S caliber conversion

According to Lingle Industries, a factory SCAR 16S barrel lines up with a SCAR 17S receiver. You can see the barrels above. 16S on top and 17S on bottom.

In the photo below, Lingle Industries shows the SCAR 16S bolt next to the SCAR 17S bolt. They are the same length and a 16S bolt will fit in a 17S carrier.

Lingle Industries makes their own 17S caliber conversion firing pin because the 17S firing pin will not work in a 16S bolt and the 16S firing pin is too short for a 17S fire control.

Here is Lingle Industries’ custom 17S caliber conversion firing pin.

Their SCAR 17S lower has an elevator for the bolt catch release.

Lingle Industries charges $450 for their 17S caliber conversion lower and it comes with the firing pin. You will need a 5.56 SCAR 16S barrel assembly which you can get for around $900 or pay a little less for a Deadshot barrel with gas block for around $850 in the caliber you want. To check out their caliber conversion kit go to their website.

Lingle Industries will be lending me one of the caliber conversions and I will be reviewing it in detail so look forward to that.

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