Just when you thought wokeness has reached its peak, we’ve discovered that a school in New Jersey banned Halloween events because they might be offensive to some social justice warriors.

That’s right, one of the most fun and unifying events on the calendar each year has now been banned by crazy leftists. What in the world is going on with our society today?

How does Halloween have a deleterious impact on social justice? Is it because someone might dress up in a sombrero, or as cowboys and Indians? Or as a smurf? (More on that below.) Give us a break!

It’s one thing for these crazies to hold these ridiculous views. It’s quite another for our institutions to empower them to succeed. They are deleteriously affecting the lives of the vast majority who just want normalcy to prevail.

Take, for instance, a recent event that occurred in a Long Island school a couple of weeks ago. During a pep rally before homecoming, a number of students dressed up as Smurfs as part of their overall theme. “Smurfs” are blue miniature cartoon characters, first seen in a 1970s cartoon series bearing the same name. As part oftheir garb, they wear fluffy hats.

So naturally, the kids put on fluffy hats and applied blue paint to their bodies. That set off the school’s social justice police.

This was racially offensive, said one teacher. Of course, that’s absolutely ludicrous, but what’s worse is that the other adults in charge backed her up rather than the kids and required the students to remove the smurf paint.

They basically were insinuating that the students were triggering by engaging in racist activity because they dressed up like smurfs.

Sadly, this shouldn’t be surprising.

Woke activists and those with Marxist leanings continue to infiltrate our institutions, our government, and especially our educational system.

Radical lunatics have long controlled our colleges, which is becoming more and more evident as Hamas terrorist acolytes on campus are expressing joy at the beheading of Israeli children.

But now we are seeing this Marxist philosophy seep into our K-12 grades.

It starts with banning schools from continuing to use mascot names, such as chiefs, Indians or warriors. Though these are names intended to praise American Indian culture and pride, woke white liberals have concluded they need to protect native Americans, few to none of whom were complaining.

Then we see directives coming from the state telling schools that they must ensure that there is social equity in the doling out of punishment regarding students who are violent or are creating school disturbances.

If, for instance, there are a disproportionately high number of minority students getting suspended, the state is determining this is ipso facto racism, and suspensions imposed on students of color must be curtailed.

The fact that more assaults might emanate from one demographic than another must be ignored. This, of course, is going to lead to less discipline on unruly students and a free pass to assault innocent students.

We don’t care if a violent student is white, Black or green, or perhaps blue as is the case with a smurf. Any violent student must be severely disciplined for the protection of all others.

Stop injecting race.

And how about how the Marxists are eliminating high standards within our schools, where now a score of 50 can count as a passing grade in some instances and regents exams have become optional.

Cognitive exams such as the SAT are being eliminated.

Meanwhile, China laughs.

And, of course, let’s not forget that one of the core principles of Marxist philosophy is to destroy the nuclear family.

Religion and family are the Marxists’ biggest enemies.

Government elites don’t want young people seeking guidance from their parents or clergy.

The left-adherent cabal controlling public education want to total control over children and their minds. 

New Jersey passed regulations keeping parents in the dark if their children are identifying as a different gender in school.

Such an invidious policy starts off with the premise that parents can’t be trusted — at all.

Or how about the wokesters who want to normalize pedophilia by banning the word pedophile and replacing it with “minor attracted person.”

That leads to the inclusion of books on school library shelves that actually glorify the explicit sexual activities of a 13 year old! 

Many people think this is harmless and that those concerned are overreacting!

Don’t get deluded into believing that these are issues of little consequence.

The transformation that is going on in our schools today is now taking hold in thousands of schools around the nation.

That includes teaching students through the 1619 Project that America is a racist country founded for the purpose of perpetuating slavery rather than to establish a beacon of religious and political freedom.

Some crazies have gone so far as to remove Abraham Lincoln’s name from a school building. Abraham Lincoln!

We have campus administrations acquiescing to white and black students living in segregated dorms and conducting separate graduations.

It’s no wonder that polls show young people hating their country to a greater extent than ever before.

More young people favor socialism and Marxism over a free market economy, and an alarming 40% of young people believe that it is acceptable to snuff out another person‘s right to free speech if it might offend someone else.

Welcome to the Marxist playbook: stifle all political opposition, except for the party line.

This fight isn’t just about keeping Halloween available for kids at school, it’s also about preventing woke radical Marxists from fundamentally changing America by poisoning America’s youth.

Many Americans are watching in disbelief as a group of enraged terrorist supporters were seeking to break down the locked doors of a college library with several Jewish students inside fearing for their lives.

How did we get here?

It starts by going woke.

This movement will continue to gain steam, as long as no one from normal America fights back.

Steve Levy is president of Common Sense Strategies, a political consulting firm. He served as Suffolk County Executive, as a NYS Assemblyman, and host of “The Steve Levy Radio Show.” He is the author of “Solutions to America’s Problems” and “Bias in the Media.” www.SteveLevy.info, Twitter @SteveLevyNY, [email protected]. Read Steve Levy’s Reports — More Here.

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