United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain said this week that he “can’t see” any unions endorsing former President Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election.

International Brotherhood of Teamsters President Sean O’Brien met with Trump on Wednesday to talk about a possible endorsement. The union did not release an endorsement after the meeting, but Trump told reports that “stranger things have happened.”

Fain, whose own union endorsed President Joe Biden last week, was asked in an interview with CNN on Thursday evening how he would react if O’Brien were to endorse Trump.

“I’m not gonna try to answer for Sean O’Brien, but I would 100 percent bet that I can’t see any way in hell a union would endorse Donald Trump for president,” Fain said.

“The man stands against everything that working-class people stand for, that organized labor stands for. You know, look, they chose to entertain visiting with candidates, and that’s a path they chose,” he added. “I mean, I saw no point in it because I look at the track record of Donald Trump. I mean, his two favorite words are, ‘You’re fired.’ “

Fain said that Trump is “the boss, he represents the billionaire class. That’s his base.”

He also noted that President Biden joined striking workers on a UAW picket line last year, saying that “when you look at the two candidates on our end, you know, Joe Biden has a history of betting on the American worker, standing with the American worker, just as he did in our strike this year.”​

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