More than a dozen advocacy groups are calling on the leaders of congressional appropriations panels to increase funding for the Justice Department’s antitrust division so the agency can counter top tech companies.

In a letter on Thursday, the groups highlighted a report from The New York Times that cited DOJ sources as saying the department had to delay an investigation into Apple for three years while it conducted a review of Google because the department “lacked the financial resources and personnel to fully evaluate both companies.”

The groups, including The Tech Oversight Project, American Economic Liberties Project and Accountable Tech, wrote in their letter that “Big Tech’s monopolistic behavior leads to higher prices for consumers, puts their personal information at risk, and locks competitors out of the market. We’re writing to you to strongly urge you to increase funding for the DOJ Antitrust Division in the current appropriations cycle — so it can fully carry out its mission of protecting the public from corporate abuse.”

They add, “America’s antitrust enforcers shouldn’t have to pick their battles. But without sufficient funding, they do. And to resolve this problem, we depend on you.”

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