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Are you better off than you were four years ago?

Every voter should ask this while choosing America’s next president.

This oft-posed question is fairer to ask three years into Joe Biden’s presidency.

(Please refer to the chart below, for more on this.) 

Evaluating America now versus January 2020, on President Donald J. Trump’s watch, allows a much cleaner contrast than in November 2024.

On Election Day, Americans will weigh conditions with those in November 2020 — a pitch-black time when COVID-19 rampaged, and the embers of the George Floyd riots still smoldered.

Judging Trump’s performance amid a once-in-a-century viral outbreak and the worst political violence since Vietnam smacks into what social scientists call “confounding variables.”

To give the comedy “Our American Cousin” justice, read reviews written before April 13, 1865. Any subsequent critique would be fatally warped by the next evening’s events, when the President and Mrs. Lincoln ventured to Ford’s Theater for a play.

Similarly, snapshots taken on January 20, 2020, and January 20, 2024 (exactly three years after each president’s inaugural, but before 2020’s pandemic and turmoil) find Trump trumping Biden seven ways from Sunday. (For detailed data, please see charts below.)

•Ironically for a swaybacked, socialist warhorse, Biden can brag most loudly about the financial markets. After his first 36 months, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 29% above its January 20, 2020 close. The S&P 500 climbed 45.4%, and the NASDAQ soared 63.1%.

Not bad for a class warrior.

But what about the market-growth rates within each president’s first three years?

While the Dow advanced 48.0% during Trump’s first three years, it increased just 21.4% in Biden’s analogous period.

Assets grew under Biden, but 55.4% more slowly than under Trump.

The S&P was 44.8% more sluggish under Biden, and the NASDAQ crawled forward 80% less swiftly than under Trump. If you enjoy riding Interstate highways at 14 MPH, Biden is your man.

•Americans feel poor because their incomes seem trapped in rush-hour traffic. Average hourly earnings ticked up 1.3% since January 2020, but inflation-adjusted median annual household income slid 2.7%.

•The 3.5% unemployment rate observed on January 20, 2020 stood at 3.7%, four years later — a 5.7% increase in that measure. On that basis, black unemployment has improved by 11.9%, but it has deteriorated by 19.0% for Hispanics and 24.0% for Americans of Asian descent.

•In his first three years, Trump added $3.26 trillion to the national debt. (COVID then turbocharged such outlays.) Meanwhile, Biden has boosted the debt $6.32 trillion — a 93.6% faster flow of fiscal incontinence.

This spend-o-rama ignited inflation. Twelve-month consumer-price growth has gone from 2.3% to 3.4% — 47.8% higher than in January 2020.

To battle Bidenflation, the Federal Reserve has spiked the 30-year mortgage. It was 3.65% and now is 6.60%.

With borrowing costs up 80.8%, millions of buyers consider housing unaffordable. The 35.4% increase in median home prices (from $318,400 to $431,000) makes matters worse.

•Food prices put Bidenflation on full display. Compared to four years ago, milk is up 23.1%. Bread: 35.2%. Sirloin steak: 38.5%. Eggs: 71.2%.

•Biden has shrunk the Strategic Petroleum Reserve 44%. Regardless, crude oil costs 24.7% more. Gasoline: Up 20.9%. Electricity: 26.1% pricier.

•Minds are shrinking under Biden. Fourth grade math proficiency: Down 2.1% since 2020. Fourth grade reading: Down 1.4%. Eight-grade scores slipped 2.8% and 1.1%, respectively.

•While violent crime eased 1.4% in Biden’s first two years, the latest data show that homicides per 100,000 residents grew from 5.15 to 6.55 — up 27.2%.

•Biden has perpetrated pure evil on the U.S.-Mexico “border,” which he intentionally demolished. During Trump’s first three years, Border Patrol agents apprehended 2,321,169 illegal aliens. Under Biden: 6,776,253 — up 191.9%. Border Patrol nabbed 11 on the terror watch list under Trump. In Biden’s first three years: 312 — up 2,736.4%.

James Madison once said, “Facts are stubborn things.”

Based on these stubborn facts, and many more, it should surprise no one that Donald J. Trump leads Joe Biden in poll after poll after poll.

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