Prepper All Naturals is proof of the growing success of companies that cater to individualism, patriotism, and conservative values.

Demand for the company’s high-quality freeze-dried Texas beef has been soaring, says founder Jason “Storm” Nelson, a combat disabled veteran who served eight years in the Marine Corps and 12 years in special operations.

After returning from service and running for Congress, Nelson decided to build a company serving an underserved but growing need — providing people with low-cost, all-natural, all-American food.

COVID vaccine mandates and lab-grown meat are two main reasons Prepper All Naturals’ customer base has grown.

“When we started to start selling frozen and freeze-dried beef, we knew two things for certain,” Nelson says. “The beef industry in America is under attack, and far too few are doing anything about it.”

“We knew the best way to fight back was to partner with a patriotic rancher who could help us supply cooked, freeze-dried beef that is hand carved, for long-term storage up to 25 years, as well as quick and healthy meal preparation today,” Nelson continues, noting that some customers buy his food for its taste and low cost.

Preppers All Naturals offers ribeye, tenderloin, New York strip steaks, and will soon sell bison. Customers care that the meat is sourced from a Texas ranch, the oxygen absorbers are from Wisconsin, and the mylar bags are from Florida.

“Everything we do supports local or U.S. businesses,” Nelson says. “This has resonated with the public.”

When Prepper All Naturals began, it was sourcing meat from 10 head of cattle, or 3,000 pounds of meat, a month. Today, the company is sourcing meat from 90 head of cattle, or 27,000 pounds of meat, a month.

“It’s almost impossible to keep it on the shelf,” says Nelson, who has grown his online business with advertisements on conservative shows, direct advertising, and social media.

As far as the ever-expanding parallel economy, Nelson’s customers enjoy, and realize the importance of, supporting pro-American businesses such as his.

“We all need to support companies that align with our values and conviction to make the conservative movement work,” Nelson says. “This is the only way to supplant all of these mega companies that are going out of their way to disrespect their customers by voicing their displeasure with traditional American values.”

Not all of Prepper All Naturals’ customers are preparing for a coming disaster. Some just want to eat wholesome food free of chemicals. Others are worried about what the government might require of the population in the event of another pandemic, war, or major terrorist attack on American soil.

Nelson personally believes the wars in Ukraine and Israel could potentially escalate, even drawing in Russia, China, or Iran. He is worried about the slow, reactionary policy of the Biden administration in its response to these wars.

Nelson is also uncomfortable with the Biden administration permitting five million military-age illegal immigrants to cross the southern border in the past two years.

“We know there are terrorists in this country, and this administration allowed it to happen,” Nelson points out.

Then there is the question of the electric power grid when electric vehicles are the only new automobile that people will be able to purchase in many states, starting in 2035. Nelson foresees state and local governments curtailing people’s use of electricity, even their refrigerators. That would cause a manmade food shortage.

“The number one thing that would drastically improve the lives of every person on earth would be energy,” Nelson continues. “Isn’t it interesting that this is the one thing that is being destabilized?”

Yet another factor to consider is the fact that foreigners own 2% of all American land and 25% of the nation’s farmland. Nelson also agonizes over “the collapse of our society and the loss of all of our moral integrity, our compass towards God.”

All of these are reasons why people might consider stockpiling six months’ to a year’s worth of food, purchasing a water filter, and, if they own land, growing vegetables. The alternative in the event of a national emergency is relying on the government or a refugee camp.

“COVID was the final big tip-off for us,” he explains. “When the government instituted the control mechanisms, they were testing the social limits. We came very close to the government instituting forced roundups and forced vaccinations into our children.”

“All of these factors should terrify Americans. This is the reason for our mission,” Nelson adds. “We are proud of the company and the service we have built.”

Simply put, Nelson says, “I believe meat should be grown in a pasture, not a petri dish.”

Prepper All Naturals is a veteran-owned company that specializes in premium freeze-dried beef for long-term storage and quick meals. Partnering with patriotic ranchers, we offer cooked, freeze-dried beef cubes with exceptional shelf-life, redefining beef consumption.

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