As the end of current year 2023 quickly approaches, the federal government once again is abusing the Social Security (SS) and Medicare systems.

First, if you are one of the millions of middle-class Americans relying on Social Security and Medicare expecting your benefits to keep pace with the true inflation rate, be prepared for a shocking reality in current year 2024.

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We are being told by the government that the inflation rate is only 3.2%, while the true inflation rate is actually far greater. Just look at the rise in costs for gasoline, food, and other commodities, and ask yourself: Is 3.2% an accurate number?

Answer: No, it isn’t . . .

Second, I just received my latest Social Security and Medicare statement, effective January 2024, that reveals shocking news. In current year 2023, my monthly Social Security benefit, prior to deductions, was $3,221.90. After deducting the $164.00 Medicare premium, I was left with a net monthly Social Security benefit of $3,057.90.

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Now, in current year 2024, my monthly Social Security benefit prior to deductions increases to $3,325.60. That is a slight (3%) increase in the monthly SS benefit, but — and get ready for this — my new Medicare monthly premium increased to a whopping $244.60, representing an increase in my Medicare premium of 49% (yes, 49%).

Due to this Medicare increase, my net monthly Social Security benefit increase becomes a paltry $11.10 per month. I urge you to compare your 2023 Social Security and Medicare statements to your 2024 statements.

These past and continued abuses by our government, and how we can take a stand to demand fairness, are outlined in my book entitled, “Social Security: The Great Ponzi Scheme.” 

I urge everyone to obtain a copy of my book and learn how you can be part of the solution to this government problem of lies and abuse. My book will tell you the truth as well as how to fight back to end these ongoing abuses. We must stand up to the government and demand justice. The failure of the American people to do so will not end well.


Don Smith has 45 years of experience in financial analysis and financial services. He wrote his book Social Security: The Great Ponzi Scheme as part of his commitment to fix the broken Social Security system.

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