The transformation of anti-Israel sentiment from being pro-Hamas to hiding behind the guise of pro-Palestinian activism is an uncomfortably widespread deceptive tactic which must be called out.

Demonstrations on college campuses may be framed as pro-Palestinian protests, but the reality is they support Hamas, a terrorist organization responsible for violence and terror against innocents.

It’s now critical to recognize and expose this lie for what it genuinely is: a thinly veiled attempt to justify and support acts of terrorism under the pretense of sympathy for the Palestinian cause.

By labeling these demonstrations as “pro-Hamas rallies,” we can accurately identify the true intentions behind the anti-Israel sentiment which is being perpetuated.

We must not fall for the facade of good intentions when individuals and organizations align themselves with Hamas, a group that espouses violence and hatred. It stands as a disservice to genuine causes: vis-a-vis environmental activism and animal rights.

In order to uphold principles of justice and morality, it’s essential to call out and condemn the hypocrisy of those who claim to advocate for noble causes while simultaneously supporting violent and oppressive forces like Hamas.

The true face of antisemitism and terrorism must be exposed; the deceptive tactics of hiding behind sympathetic slogans must be dismantled.

The issue at hand is clear: there are individuals and groups who are employing sympathy and good intentions as a cover for supporting heinous acts of terrorism and antisemitism.

It’s time to stop tip-toeing around the issue and call out these lies.

One particularly egregious example of this is the mass demonstrations on college campuses disguised as sympathetic gatherings, when in reality they are nothing more than pro-Hamas rallies.

Turning a blind eye to acts of terrorism must cease. 

Let’s never forget that Jews have faced centuries of antisemitism, often masked under the pretense of sympathy, or doing good.

Think of the Spanish Inquisition.

Jews were burned alive in the name of saving their souls

This is a stark reminder of how evil can hide behind a mask of purported benevolence.

Those supporting Hamas under the guise of sympathy are no different than the notorious persecutors of the past.

Another disturbing example of this phenomenon is the alignment of individuals who claim to care about environmental and animal rights causes with the barbaric actions of Hamas.

It’s baffling to see those who profess to care about other controversial issues threatening the world, such as global warming, come out in support of a terrorist organization which is responsible for the murder, rape, and kidnapping of innocent human lives. This hypocrisy is glaring, as supporting such acts of violence goes against the very principles of compassion and empathy that these individuals claim to espouse.

Good intentions can be twisted and exploited for nefarious purposes.

The case of Greta Thunberg, a prominent environmental activist, aligning herself with pro-Hamas sentiments while advocating for the protection of the planet is both laughable and disturbing.

Furthermore, the demand for vegan food (because they don’t want to kill an animal) by university Pro-Hamas protestors while engaging in violent demonstrations in support of Hamas and its barbaric murders, rape and roasting of Jewish children alive in front of their parents is a prime example of the absurdity and misplaced priorities of this so-called sympathetic cause.

Let’s refocus the narrative and accurately label these demonstrations for what they truly are: pro-Hamas rallies having no place in civilized society. By holding these individuals and groups accountable for their actions, we can work towards a more just and compassionate world, and genuinely so.

Duvi Honig is founder and chief executive officer of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber Of Commerce. The Orthodox Jewish Chamber Of Commerce is a global umbrella of businesses of all sizes, bridging the highest echelons of the business and governmental worlds together stimulating economic opportunity and positively affecting public policy of governments. His work has been recognized by both Presidents Obama and Trump. Read more of his reports — Here.

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