Migrants who were flown by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to Martha’s Vineyard two years ago can sue the charter flight company, a Massachusetts district court judge ruled, The Hill reported Tuesday.

Judge Allison Burroughs dismissed three counts against Vertol Systems Co., a Florida-based company, but ruled that it must face eight remaining counts.

In addition, Burroughs dismissed as defendants the state participants, including DeSantis, after declaring that the court lacked jurisdiction.

The migrants were flown from San Antonio to Martha’s Vineyard after allegedly being falsely promised better housing, work, and educational opportunities.

As a political move, Republican governors, including DeSantis, flew and bused migrants to liberal-dominated locations in an attempt to make those places understand the affect of lax immigration policies.

But Burroughs wrote that the defendants were not “legitimately enforcing any immigration laws,” but, “instead, as alleged, they ‘exploit[ed] [plaintiffs] in a scheme to boost the national profile of defendant DeSantis and manipulate them for political ends.'”

The judge added: “Unlike ICE agents legitimately enforcing the country’s immigration laws, … the court sees no legitimate purpose for rounding up highly vulnerable individuals on false pretenses and publicly injecting them into a divisive national debate. … Treating vulnerable individuals like plaintiffs in this way, as alleged and accepted as true for purposes of the motion to dismiss, … is nothing short of extreme, outrageous, uncivilized, intolerable, and stunning.”

Vertol did not respond to a request for comment.

A spokesperson for DeSantis’ office said: “The flights were conducted lawfully and authorized by the Florida Legislature. We look forward to Florida’s next illegal immigrant relocation flight, and we are glad to bring national attention to the crisis at the southern border.”

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