Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite system will operate in Gaza after approval by the Israeli government.

Shlomo Karhi, Israel’s Minister of Communications, on Monday announced an agreement with Starlink via Musk’s social platform X.

“As a result of this significant agreement, Starlink satellite units can only be operated in Israel with the approval of the Israeli Ministry of Communications, including the Gaza Strip,” Karhi posted on X.

“As the State of Israel fights against Hamas – ISIS, this understanding is vital, as is it for everyone who desires a better world, free of evil and free of anti-Semitism, for our children’s sake.”

Musk last month proposed providing internet to Gaza and said Starlink could help the area connect with “internationally recognized aid organizations.” Karhi rejected the idea, saying “Hamas will use it [Starlink] for terrorist activities.”

Gaza has suffered several communications blackouts since the Israel-Hamas war began, effectively sealing off the area’s residents from the outside world and one another, The Washington Post reported.

Musk visited Israel on Monday and lent support to the country’s campaign against Hamas, saying one challenge was stopping propaganda of a sort that led to the terrorists’ killing spree that triggered the war on Gaza.

Musk had been assailed for an anti-Jewish post on X. On Nov. 15, he posted his agreement with a post that falsely claimed Jewish people were stoking hatred against white people, saying the user who referenced the “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory was speaking “the actual truth.”

Musk met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Isaac Herzog.

Starlink uses about 5,000 satellites operated by SpaceX to beam internet signals to stations on the ground. It’s used primarily in rural and remote areas without broadband access to the internet and has served as a communications lifeline in disaster zones, the Post reported.

Musk also offered the use of Starlink to Ukraine in its efforts against Russia’s attack on the country.

A biography of Musk, written by Walter Isaacson and released in September, said the billionaire had a change of heart for fear of starting a nuclear war. Musk allegedly cut off Starlink satellite access over Crimea last year to thwart a Ukrainian attack on Russian warships.

Musk later said nothing had been deactivated because the Starlink regions in question “were not activated.”

Reuters contributed to this story.

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