Miles Guo/Guo Wengui, President Trump and More…has lawfare gone too far?

For decades every American schoolkid watched Schoolhouse Rock, and learned about how the Constitutional Republic they swore allegiance to every day secures “Liberty and Justice for all.” The framers of the U.S. Constitution divided our government into three branches as a safeguard of the People’s rights.

Is America’s own legal system being used by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as a weapon of war?

One of those branches is riddled with decay and needs pruned back: The Judicial Branch. The term “lawfare” is becoming more and more common because our legal system has been weaponized against the very people it was intended to protect. Justice is no longer blind; it’s now interpreted through the lens of which party’s president appointed a particular judge.

Worse yet, it looks like America’s own legal system may be getting used by the Chinese Communist Party CCP) as a weapon of war against us. READ MORE

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