Chicago officials have reportedly begun evicting some migrants living in homeless shelters if they’ve overstayed a 60-day limit.

A 60-day maximum stay is designed to open up shelter space for new arrivals, the city announced, ABC7 reported — and the new policy will see 250 migrants evicted by the end of March, and over 2,000 by the end of April.

Families with children can stay through June to maintain consistency through the rest of the school year, the outlet reported. Also exempted are those with certain medical conditions or a recent exposure to measles, who will also be allowed to request an extension.

Out of the nearly 11,000 migrants living in the 23 homeless shelters in Chicago, according to the Office of Emergency Management and Communications, just 34 single adults were required to leave on Sunday, The New York Times reported.

Chicago has received more than 37,000 migrants since August 2022, the Times reported.

According to the Times, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s administration had delayed enforcing a 60-day limit on shelter stays for months because of frigid temperatures and worries over the repercussions of evicting people who might have nowhere to go.

But Chicago is not alone in setting limits. Denver, which has seen an influx of about 40,000 migrants, began to clear hotels housing them in February, the Times reported — and in New York, with a migrant shelter population of about 65,000, the city will start limiting the time adult migrants can remain in shelters to 30 days.

Although evicted migrants in Chicago will have the option of returning to the city’s intake center to apply for admission to a different facility, the potential to be repeatedly uprooted is problematic, especially for families with kids in school, the Times noted.

“There is so much uncertainty and concern,” Erika Villegas, a volunteer who has helped families secure apartments, told the Times. “The families are wondering, When is it going to be me next?”

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