Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., told Newsmax on Monday that “Congress has been compromised” in the pursuit to obtain the flight logs of dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous “Lolita Express,” saying that even some of his GOP colleagues are stained by something that’s forcing them to “keep their mouth shut.”

“The trash can is very deep,” Burchett told “The Chris Salcedo Show.”

Burchett said he got involved in the effort to get the flight logs turned over when his “dear friend” Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., got “snubbed” by the Senate Judiciary Committee. That chair, Illinois Democrat Dick Durbin, blocked Blackburn’s bid at issuing subpoenas for those logs, which could show the who’s who of public figures Epstein ferried to his private Caribbean island in order to have illegal trysts with underage girls.

“That’s why I got involved with it. [Blackburn] can handle her own. But when the Democrat-controlled Senate did that, I went to Chairman [James] Comer in the Republican-controlled House, and I said we need to fix this. This is wrong,” Burchett said. “And too many of my colleagues, I’m afraid, are compromised in this area. For whatever reason, somebody’s whispered in their ear and said, ‘Hey, you don’t want something to come out on something else, you better keep your mouth shut on this.’ And that’s exactly what they’ve done.

“And it continues to go. Whether it’s the honeypot the Russians used to use or something worse. I don’t know, but … you see that up and down the line. You see good conservatives vote for liberal policies and, frankly, you see some liberals occasionally will vote for something else,” Burchett went on.

“So obviously, the Congress has been compromised and this continues on through the White House, through the Justice Department. The trash can is very deep. It’s not a not a swamp, it’s an open sewer,” he said.


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