In an unfortunate move, Twitter CEO Elon Musk recently reversed course on labeling government funded and state affiliated media accounts as such. As a result, Chinese Communist Party-affiliated accounts are no longer branded as such.

The Select Committee on the CCP reached out to Elon Musk about this in hopes of restoring that status. “Hey, Elon Musk — as a U.S. taxpayer funded Select Committee, we are grateful our American viewers on Twitter know that we represent them. However, we are curious why Twitter  suddenly removed China state-funded media labels from organizations that exist to disseminate CCP propaganda?” they wrote to Musk in a Tweet. They listed China state-run publications China Xinhua News, Global Times, CGTN, and China Daily as beneficiaries of the change, and they were hardly the only ones. The “China state-affiliated media” tag was also dropped from all journalists associated with government-backed publications.

Naturally those publications are among those who regularly publish smears against anti-CCP dissident Guo Wengui (also known as Miles Guo) and his New Federal State of China movement. And their propaganda apparatus extends to our media too. READ MORE

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